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Frequently Asked Questions

What will I find on this site?

Familiar and recently discovered items that may never have been on display. This will include but is not limited to photographs, documents, convention transcripts, newspaper clippings, Lyre issues, jewelry, correspondence, reports and so much more!

What won't I find?

You will not find Lyre issues from within two years prior to the current date. If you are interested in seeing the most recent issues of The Lyre, please contact the Foundation about the Life Loyal Roll.

You also will not find most individual chapter history, including but not limited to chapter officer lists, chapter bylaws, location details for chapter houses, installation history for alumnae chapters, campus award winners, all composites, all newsletters or full chapter rosters. For this information, please contact your chapter directly.

Where is my chapter history?

Each chapter is responsible for tracking its own history. Headquarters only has the initiation article from the Lyre, national award winners and the complete chapter roster. We do receive, on occasion, a composite, newsletter or photos, but the bulk of those items are tracked by the chapter.

Why isn't my chapter composite here?

Headquarters does not have a copy of every composite, from every chapter, from every year. We can only share what we have access to in our files. If you have a copy and would like to send it, please contact us.

How can my chapter add to the collection?

Headquarters is currently looking for the following items from chapters: composites, newsletters, photos, scrapbooks or chapter history publications. For more information on this, please contact us.

Who can submit items for the collection?

Anyone! We welcome donations from chapters, members, individuals on behalf of a member or anyone who might have Alpha Chi Omega related history. Our collection is always growing, so please contact us with questions. All items can be mailed directly to headquarters:

Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity – Attn: Archives
5635 Castle Creek Parkway North Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46250

For digital items:
Bynder is a digital asset management tool that helps manage and distribute photos, videos, and more all in one place. Members are invited to submit photos for our asset library by uploading photos and videos into the drag & drop uploader

How-To Submit Photos:

  1. Go to
  2. Drag assets into the drag & drop box, or click the box to select assets to upload.
  3. Enter '[email protected]' into the first box
  4. Enter your email address into the second box
  5. Enter the description of the assets, what chapter they are of, what event the photos are from, names of who is in the photo, date of photo, etc.
  6. Enter security code.
  7. Click "Send files"

Where can I find more details on a certain item?

Most known information on each item is written into the description. If you have more information or would like to ask specific questions relating to a similar item, please contact us.

The information you have on an item is incorrect. How do I tell you?

On each item's page, there is a link to provide information about it directly to headquarters. Please include all details known about the item, individuals pictured, location and date if possible.

How often are items being added to the site?


Why can't I find certain members on this website?

Only members who have been tagged in an object or photo posted on this website are currently listed in the member list. If you are looking for a specific member's contact information, please visit our main website,

How do I nominate someone for "Sisters of Significance"?

Alpha Chi Omega is not lacking in significant members and the nominees grow every day. Therefore, we have created a list of requirements for nominations. For more information, please contact us.

How can I see these items in real life?

All members are welcome to visit headquarters for a special tour of our items currently on display. The public archives are open to researchers or interested members under the supervision of the archivist. Every effort will be made to accommodate requests, but Alpha Chi Omega reserves the right to limit access based on the physical condition, security requirements of the artifacts and privacy of our members.

Can I loan something from my personal collection to headquarters for display?

We would welcome the opportunity to display your personal collection based on space availability, other display schedules and insurance restrictions. Please contact us with details on your collection and availability.

What if I have concerns about appearing on this site?

We want to address your concerns, so please contact us to discuss.