Alpha Chi Omega



Smith, Anna Allen

Anna Allen (Alpha, DePauw University) was born in Greencastle, Indiana, in 1870, where she would live her entire life. Growing up, Anna was childhood friends with fellow Founders Bessie Grooms and Olive Burnett. Musically gifted from an early age, Anna enrolled and became the youngest student to do advanced work at DePauw University's School of Music, entering at the age of 15 and graduating in 1889, at 19. In her junior year, she began teaching pianoforte at the School of Music and continued to hold that position until 1896. She was known as "a student of exceptional ability and rare self-possession, as a brilliant performer and an excellent accompanist."

Living in Greencastle, Anna continued to be involved in Alpha Chi Omega as an alumna. Her family regularly made their home available for chapter events - the first national convention was even held there in 1891. Because of her close proximity to the university, Anna was the Founder most closely associated with the Alpha chapter, serving as a guide and counselor to the chapter members. It is said that she remained close to "every girl that Alpha initiated until her death, and it was rare when she forgot a face or a name."

Sometime after her graduation, although the precise date is unknown, Anna married Harry M. Smith. They did not have any children. Unfortunately, Harry was seriously ill for a number of years and many of her friends believed the stress of caring for him sapped Anna of her vitality as well. She died suddenly of "a stroke of apoplexy" on May 23, 1932.

  • First Name
  • Anna
  • Maiden Name
  • Allen
  • Last Name
  • Smith
  • Birth Date
  • Nov 30th, 1869
  • Profile
  • yes