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Full Name, Chapter
Jennifer Butler Harris, Theta Lambda
Brooke Butler, Psi
Gwenda Butler, Iota Alpha
Helen Butler, Psi
Jessica Michelle Butler, Psi
Karlee Monet Butler, Psi
Mary Susan Stoltz Butler, Psi
Sandra Kemp Butler, Alpha Mu
Shaylee Paulette Butler, Psi
Elizabeth Cate Butt, Psi
Nicole Anne Butterbaugh, Psi
Cheryl Glenn Butterfield, Epsilon Lambda
Gladys Bradbury Butterfield, Psi
Lindsay Butterfield, Gamma Epsilon
Virginia Jane Butterfield, Beta
Cheryl Buxton, Beta Epsilon
Shari Matkin Buxton, Psi
Amanda Beth Butcher Buzzell, Psi
Shellie McGee Bynum, Psi
Ashleigh Donne Byrd, Psi
Susan Stephanie Byrd, Psi
Winifred Muriel Byrd, Zeta
Kathleen Barbara Byrne, Psi
Thelma Spurgeon Byrum, Psi
Barbara Payne Cable, Psi
Kennedy Taylor Cabori,
Suzanne T. Sammis Cabot, Alpha Iota
Merrily Adams Cage, Psi
Allison Graham Caggiano, Psi
Lucile Westfall Cailey, Psi
Darlene Snodgrass Cain, Beta Chi
Margaret Ann Cain, Psi
Julie Hunt Calaway, Psi
Kathleen Anne Calder, Gamma Theta
Sarah E. Caldwell, Alpha Mu
Treva Calegari, Alpha Nu
Madeline Bunce Calhoun, Gamma
Pamela Ryan Callahan, Alpha Phi
Martha Callaway, Delta Rho
Jacee Callens, Psi
Cecelia Carlson Callison, Rho
Heather Calloway Kissam, Alpha Gamma
Janis Ellen Calmes, Psi
Hailey Nicole Calvin, Delta Epsilon
Megan Elaine Cambio, Psi
Camille Litton Camp, Psi
Madeline Camp, Psi
Shirley Pickett Camp, Gamma Epsilon
Elizabeth Wood Campanole, Zeta
Hannah Dean Campball, Psi
Claudia Hounschell Campbell, Delta Tau
Courtney Anne Campbell, Psi
Elizabeth A. Shapiro Campbell, Psi
Joann E. Campbell, Alpha Iota
Kathleen Grace Campbell, Zeta Tau
Katie Grace Campbell, Psi
Martha Tull Campbell, Gamma Iota
Michele Riley Campbell, Psi
Rachel Nicole Campbell, Psi
Randi Campbell, Psi
Rebecca Heilman Campbell, Beta Phi
Virginia Sharp Campbell, Psi
Wendy Williams Campbell, Psi
Vicki Thomas Campbell-Latham, Psi
Priscilla Campos, Delta Kappa
Rachel Maria Campos, Psi
Stacy Hagglund Canada, Psi
Elizabeth Cecilia Canfield, Psi
Kimberly Sarah Canning, Psi
Heidi Rose Cannon, Psi
Jennie Goodson Cannon, Psi
Joanne Michelle Cannon, Zeta Tau
Meriam Slocum Cannon, Psi
Mattison Cano, Epsilon Kappa
Allie Cantalupo, Kappa Chi
Cady Danielle Cantrell, Psi
Hayden Abigail Cantrell, Psi
Karin Glenn Cantrell, Psi
Ashley Suzanne Cantwell, Psi
Blanche Minnick Cantwell, Psi
Lila Hayes Cantwell, Gamma Epsilon
Gabrielle Capiro, Kappa Upsilon
Eleanor Jane Gates Capizzi, Alpha Iota
Donna Lynn Capozzi, Theta Tau
Carol Ann Cappa, Gamma Mu
Hilda Hunter Capps, Psi
Lisa Louise Capps, Psi
Laura Anne Caputo, Psi
Edilynn Turner Card, Psi
Vicki Brantley Cardarella, Psi
Katherine Louise Cardell, Psi
Melissa JoAnne Carder, Psi
Alaina Cardwell, Epsilon Lambda
Anna Roberta Carey, Eta
Candice Taylor Carey, Psi
Cassandra Grace Carey, Psi
Mary Channell Carey, Psi
Tulsa Rennie Cargile, Psi
Irene Brye Carl, Chi
Betty Dahlgren Carleton, Psi