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Full Name, Chapter
Sharon Tina Anderson, Beta Chi
Shala Anderson, Epsilon Lambda
Caelyn Andrews, Iota Omicron
Hilda Smith Andrews, Upsilon
Bonnie House Andrews, Alpha Beta
June Johnston Andrews, Alpha Eta
June Hall Andrews, Beta Iota
Meredith Mychael Andrews, Beta Pi
Jackie G. Andrey, Alpha Iota
Katherine Falzon Ange, Zeta Rho
Helen Marguerite Angelucci, Alpha Epsilon
Kelli Angevine, Zeta Rho
Kristen Anthony, Zeta Eta
Ashling Antolin, Epsilon Kappa
Ashley Antonenko, Alpha Pi
Alexa Apallas, Alpha Psi
Debbie Apellanes, Delta Omicron
Janice Williams Archer, Psi
Tania Arellano-Martinez, Epsilon Lambda
Mary Parrett Arfken, Alpha Chi
Ann Economou Ariano, Theta Tau
Jennifer Arlin, Zeta Mu
Cheryl Lynn Armistead, Alpha Iota
Amanda Armitage, Iota Omega
Lilian Kirk Armstrong, Beta
Carol S. Armstrong, Alpha Beta
Florence Argelia Armstrong, Mu
Kate Chrisman Armstrong, Delta Chi
Alice Hicks Armstrong, Upsilon
Janet Shearon Armstrong, Alpha Beta
Kathryn Arneson, Kappa
Margaret Hartman Arnold, Alpha Mu
Maria McGivney Arrellaga, Alpha Phi
Jeanette Artenian, Epsilon
Tina Marie Artman, Delta Kappa
Megan Asbury, Zeta Sigma
Heather Asher, Alpha Iota
Phyllis Reifel Ashley, Omicron
Kathy Jennifer Ashmen, Theta Tau
Seanra Jean Askwith, Delta Nu
Grace Hanson Augustine, Mu
Kathryn Ault, Beta Delta
Ramona Dorothy Sorensen Aumann, Delta Tau
Dina Beth Aurslanian, Alpha Eta
Michele Austermann, Zeta Rho
Kristine Ann Austin, Beta
Susan Alwina Austin, Delta Tau
Vi Ann Nylander Austin, Delta Omicron
Olive Banks Austin, Alpha Kappa
Marion Berry Averill, Omega