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Full Name, Chapter
Elizabeth Wood Campanole, Zeta
Claudia Hounschell Campbell, Delta Tau
Rebecca Heilman Campbell, Beta Phi
Martha Tull Campbell, Gamma Iota
Kathleen Grace Campbell, Zeta Tau
Joann E. Campbell, Alpha Iota
Priscilla Campos, Delta Kappa
Joanne Michelle Cannon, Zeta Tau
Mattison Cano, Epsilon Kappa
Allie Cantalupo, Kappa Chi
Lila Hayes Cantwell, Gamma Epsilon
Gabrielle Capiro, Kappa Upsilon
Eleanor Jane Gates Capizzi, Alpha Iota
Donna Lynn Capozzi, Theta Tau
Carol Ann Cappa, Gamma Mu
Alaina Cardwell, Epsilon Lambda
Anna Roberta Carey, Eta
Irene Brye Carl, Chi
Gwendolyn Dobyns Carlile, Gamma Epsilon
Jennifer Maude Carlin, Alpha
Nancy Iden Carlson, Beta Phi
Barbara Baker Carlson, Gamma Eta
Linda Bowlus Carney, Alpha Beta
Lisa Carney, Zeta Rho
Lois Nagle Carney, Alpha
Patricia Powers Carpenter, Gamma Epsilon
Clara Casner Carpenter, Eta
Mildred Caswell Carpenter, Kappa
Leslie Hubbell Carpenter, Delta Chi
Sherry Carr, Psi
Heather Carrio, Psi
Selina Bedre Carroll, Delta Kappa
Riley Carroll, Epsilon Kappa
Nicole Wildman Carroll, Zeta Omega
Nancy Holcomb Carruthers, Beta Chi
Chloe J. Carson, Delta Nu
Laura Carter, Gamma Rho
Susan Ambler Carter, Beta Chi
Edwena Wilkins Cary, Nu
Lillian M. Case, Omicron
Deborah Stewart Case, Delta Chi
Elizabeth Casey, Zeta Tau
Tabitha Casey, Delta Iota
Margery Williams Caskey, Sigma
Elizabeth Stine Casper, Gamma
Lisa Waters Casper, Theta Tau
Carolina Castaneda, Beta Eta
Lauran Casteel, Epsilon Lambda
Jennifer Ann Casteix, Delta Psi
Lauren Nicole Castillo, Alpha Psi