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Full Name, Chapter
Laurel Daniels Abbruzzese, Theta Psi
Deborah Irene Abel, Alpha Iota
Rachel Abraham, Beta Lambda
Jean Stella Abrahamson, Delta Tau
Ellen Robin Abrams, Alpha Iota
Jayne Rhea Absher, Rho
Anne Ackenhusen, Theta
Lora Brewer Ackerman, Zeta Sigma
Merle Beattie Ackerman, Gamma
Maegan Ackerson, Gamma Mu
Mary Grumbine Adams, Psi
Rebecca E. Adams, Alpha Iota
Marcia Terwilliger Adams, Alpha
Hortense O. Miller Adams, Theta
Rachel Adinolfi, Kappa Sigma
Else Landeck Adler, Kappa
Rebecca Ann Aeby, Upsilon
Karen Aeschlimann, Gamma
Patricia Harris Agnew, Beta Omicron
Helen Jordan Agnew, Alpha Beta
Nadia Ahmed, Beta Lambda
Nancy Elizabeth Reed Aichholz, Alpha Omicron
Jeannie Devero Alaback, Gamma Epsilon
Barbara Coombs Albaugh, Delta Omega
Hilary Wells Albertson, Alpha Iota
Gail Schneider Albrecht, Gamma Omicron
Evelyn Crim Albright, Tau
Mallory Aldrich, Beta Lambda
Janine Elise Alexander,
Elizabeth Alexander, Kappa Lambda
Haley Allaben, Alpha
Karen Konrad Allan, Delta Lambda
Blanche Bundy Allen, Beta
Margaret Kline Allen, Mu
Margery Allen, Beta Chi
Amy Gilbert Allison, Eta
Teri Wagner Alliston, Alpha Phi
Madelyn Holler Allsman, Gamma Epsilon
Lorie Elizabeth Almon, Alpha Iota
Louise Amaral, Gamma Sigma
Nancy Nation Ambrose, Gamma Omicron
Janet Dalton Andersen, Pi
Bryanna Anderson, Kappa Tau
Ann Vance Anderson, Gamma Iota
Joan Timmermann Anderson, Beta Theta
Joyce Gilbertson Anderson, Delta Tau
Terri C. Cleeton Anderson, Zeta Sigma
Judith Tinlin Anderson, Alpha Sigma
Marian Cantwell Anderson, Gamma Epsilon
Judy Evans Anderson, Alpha Lambda