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1885 Bertha Deniston Cunningham Badge

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1885 Bertha Deniston Cunningham Badge

The only original badge known to still be in existence, this badge belonged to Founder Bertha Deniston Cunningham (Alpha, DePauw University) and was created in 1885. The 3/4-inch badge features 28 pearls and seven garnets. Unlike many later badges, which feature twisted lyre strings, the strings on this badge are flat. Each new chapter is presented a copy of this badge for the chapter president to wear during her term. The president's badge is then passed from president to president.



0.75 inches x 0.5 inches

A 3/4-inch, lyre-shaped badge made of gold. It features 28 pearls around the outside, seven garnets set in the triangular base and at the upper outer corners, flat lyre strings, and the Greek letters "Alpha Chi Omega" on a scroll across the strings of the lyre.