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Rho chapter was founded at University of Washington in Seattle, Washington on October 14, 1910.

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50-Year Members at Convention Photograph, 1972

Fifty-year members pose together at the 1972 National Convention. Each woman is individually identified on the back of the photograph.

Alpha Chi Omega Carnation Banquet Program, July 9, 1955

This program includes a menu and a schedule of events. A number of handwritten notes addressed to the program's owner are included inside and on the back of the program.

Alpha Chi Omega Today, Spring 1997

This newsletter includes articles about the National Housing Corporation, TEAM Discovery weekends and alcohol programming.

Alpha Epsilon Chapter Installation Program, May 9-10, 1919

This program includes a list of charter members and installing officers, as well as brief historical information about the chapter.

Charter Members of the DuPage County Alumnae Club Signatures List, April 20, 1937

Directory of Alpha Chi Omega, November 1948

This directory lists the names and addresses of Fraternity leaders, including members of the National Council, standing committees, province leaders, alumnae district leaders and alumnae state chairmen. It also lists each collegiate chapter along with its president and alumnae advisor and each alumnae chapter or club with its president and meeting information.

Founders with 50th Birthday Cake at Convention Photograph, June 1935

Founders (left to right) Bertha Deniston Cunningham (Alpha, DePauw University), Estelle Leonard (Alpha, DePauw University), Nellie Gamble Childe (Alpha, DePauw University) and Olive Burnett Clark (Alpha, DePauw University) pose with a birthday cake to celebrate Alpha Chi Omega's 50th birthday at the Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C. during the 1935 National Convention. Behind them are National Editor Ted Maltbie Collins (Rho, University of Washington) and National President Ethel Meade Van Auken (Lambda, Syracuse University).

Hera Day Activities by Chapter Report, February-March 1941

This report lists each chapter and its altruistic activities for Hera Day. Many of the activities center around children or senior citizens.

James Howe to Mrs. Gilbert L. Van Auken Letter, May 15, 1933

James Howe, former dean of the DePauw University School of Music and an instrumental figure in the founding of Alpha Chi Omega, writes to Fraternity President Ethel Mead Van Auken (Lambda, Syracuse University) with an update on his professional work, which Alpha Chi Omega helps to subsidize through an endowment. Howe also expresses wonder at the growth of Alpha Chi Omega, particularly the importance of Beta (Albion College) chapter, for whose installation he provided the funds.