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Psi chapter was founded at The University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma on January 14, 1916.

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Life Loyal, Fall 2015

This page lists Alpha Chis who have joined the Life Loyal program between April 1 and June 30, 2015.

Marshall Gordon to Debbie Drissell Letter, November 6, 1989

Southwest Missouri State University President Marshall Gordon writes to Zeta Sigma (Missouri State University) Chapter President Deborah Drissell Powell (Zeta Sigma, Southwest Missouri State University) congratulating her on the chapter's new house.

National Council Trophy, 1913-33

This National Council Trophy used to travel from awarded chapter to chapter every year. The traveling trophy was discontinued at the 1933 Grand Council meeting due to the "inability to award it on an equitable basis." It was awarded to the following chapters between 1913-33: Omicron (Baker University), Pi (University of California, Berkeley), Alpha (DePauw University), Tau (Brenau University), Phi (University of Kansas), Iota (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Zeta (New England Conservatory), Psi (The University of Oklahoma), Xi (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Lambda (Syracuse University), Alpha Iota (University of Vermont), Mu (Simpson College), Beta Epsilon (Michigan State University), Alpha Zeta (Washington University in Saint Louis) and Alpha Beta (Purdue University).

New Sorority Organized at University Newspaper Clipping, February 6, 1916

This article announces the installation of Psi (The University of Oklahoma) chapter and includes the names and photographs of the 15 charter members.

Officers at Founders Road Headquarters Groundbreaking Photograph, June 3, 1973

A group of fraternity officers and staff pose together at the groundbreaking for the national headquarters at 8733 Founders Road. They are (front) Executive Secretary Jody Bayer Martindill (Alpha, DePauw University), Controller Elinor Waite Howe (Alpha, DePauw University), National President Adele Fieve Drew (Alpha Lambda, University of Minnesota), Archivist Hannah Keenan (Alpha, DePauw University), (back row) National Treasurer Mary Flood Hutton (Psi, The University of Oklahoma), Lyre Editor Dee Gibson, Program Services Coordinator Ki Manning Reinmiller (Psi, The University of Oklahoma) and Collegiate Finance Coordinator Margaret Boschmann. This photograph was featured on page 24 of the Fall 1973 issue of The Lyre.

Psi Chapter Initiation Banquet Program, February 10, 1917

This program includes a menu, a list of toasts and a list of chapter members and visiting sisters present for the event.

Psi Chapter Pledge Handbook, c. 1960

This handbook includes a list of the names, addresses and birthdays of all active chapter members and new members, a list of chapter officers, social and chapter house rules, requirements related to scholarship, activities, social programs, financial obligations, a list of 10 tips for new members and the lyrics to a few Alpha Chi songs.

Psi Chapter Reunion Photograph, 1989

Students Join in Red Cross Drive Newspaper Clipping, October 19, 1917

This article discusses Psi (The University of Oklahoma) chapter's lead in the campus blood drive as well as listing the contributions of other chapters on campus. The end of the article includes a discussion of the work of Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity to support a hospital in France. This article is part of a larger issue (Vol. XII, No. 23) of The Oklahoma Daily, which is included in its entirety here. All metadata relates to the Red Cross article, however, as that is the only article that directly relates to Psi Chapter of Alpha Chi Omega.