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Lambda chapter was founded at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York on December 18, 1906. The chapter closed on January 28, 2011 and was reopened on November 5, 2016.

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Hera Day Activities by Chapter Report, February-March 1941

This report lists each chapter and its altruistic activities for Hera Day. Many of the activities center around children or senior citizens.

In Memoriam, Fall 2015

This list provides the names of Alpha Chi Omegas who have passed away since the last issue of The Lyre.

James Howe to Mrs. Gilbert L. Van Auken Letter, May 15, 1933

James Howe, former dean of the DePauw University School of Music and an instrumental figure in the founding of Alpha Chi Omega, writes to Fraternity President Ethel Mead Van Auken (Lambda, Syracuse University) with an update on his professional work, which Alpha Chi Omega helps to subsidize through an endowment. Howe also expresses wonder at the growth of Alpha Chi Omega, particularly the importance of Beta (Albion College) chapter, for whose installation he provided the funds.

Mary Griffith Photograph

Mary Emma Griffith Marshall (Lambda, Syracuse University) served as National Secretary from 1915-25.

National Council Trophy, 1913-33

This National Council Trophy used to travel from awarded chapter to chapter every year. The traveling trophy was discontinued at the 1933 Grand Council meeting due to the "inability to award it on an equitable basis." It was awarded to the following chapters between 1913-33: Omicron (Baker University), Pi (University of California, Berkeley), Alpha (DePauw University), Tau (Brenau University), Phi (University of Kansas), Iota (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Zeta (New England Conservatory), Psi (The University of Oklahoma), Xi (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Lambda (Syracuse University), Alpha Iota (University of Vermont), Mu (Simpson College), Beta Epsilon (Michigan State University), Alpha Zeta (Washington University in Saint Louis) and Alpha Beta (Purdue University).

Official China Design, Bread and Butter Plate

The 1919 National Convention body voted to form a committee to design an official china pattern for use at Alpha Chi Omega chapter houses. This set was the first purchased from the Syracuse China Corporation and was used by Lambda (Syracuse University) chapter. It was found in a box of broken china sent to headquarters in 1990 for display.

Province Presidents at Training Leadership Conference Photograph, July 21-25, 1975

Recommendations from F&S Committee for 1976 Fellowships Report, May 22, 1976

Grace Rhoades Watts (Alpha Sigma, Ohio Wesleyan University) recommends recipients and runners up for various Alpha Chi fellowships and scholarships.

Reinstallation Program of Eta Chapter, April 1-2, 1921

This program provides a list of the chapter's original charter members and the charter members for the reinstallation, as well as lists of the installing officers and patronesses.