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Kappa chapter was founded at University of Wisconsin - Madison in Madison, Wisconsin on December 18, 1903.

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11th National Convention Program, November 2-4, 1904

Technically this was the 9th Convention, but at this point in our history Alpha Chi Omega had not yet established a naming convention for events, therefore the labels differ. This program includes a chapter roll, a list of the Grand Council, a full program of events, banquet menu, banquet toast list, musicale program and the lyrics to several Alpha Chi songs.

Alpha Chi Omega State Luncheon Program, May 9, 1931

The program, which features a golf theme, includes a list of the day's events, a menu for the luncheon and a list of the committee chairmen.

Charter Members of the DuPage County Alumnae Club Signatures List, April 20, 1937

Directory of Alpha Chi Omega, November 1948

This directory lists the names and addresses of Fraternity leaders, including members of the National Council, standing committees, province leaders, alumnae district leaders and alumnae state chairmen. It also lists each collegiate chapter along with its president and alumnae advisor and each alumnae chapter or club with its president and meeting information.

Group of Six at Training Leadership Conference Photograph, July 27, 1973

Mary Flood Hutton (Psi, The University of Oklahoma), Patricia Mullins (Kappa, University of Wisconsin), Shirley Henry Nielsen (Alpha Psi, University of California, Los Angeles), Hillyer Freeland (Psi, The University of Oklahoma) and Adele Fieve Drew (Alpha Lambda, University of Minnesota) pose with an unidentified man during the 1973 Training Leadership Conference in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Hera Day Activities by Chapter Report, February-March 1941

This report lists each chapter and its altruistic activities for Hera Day. Many of the activities center around children or senior citizens.

In Memoriam, Fall 2015

This list provides the names of Alpha Chi Omegas who have passed away since the last issue of The Lyre.

Kappa Chapter Composite Cabinet Card, 1911

Each woman is individually identified on the back of the cabinet card.

Life Loyal, Fall 2015

This page lists Alpha Chis who have joined the Life Loyal program between April 1 and June 30, 2015.