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Delta Nu

Delta Nu chapter was founded at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa on March 18, 1961.

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Alumnae Notes, Fall 2015

Photographs and brief descriptions highlight the achievements of alumnae chapters and individual alumnae.

Delta Nu "A Mile of Pennies" Homecoming Service Photograph, c. 1981

Members of Delta Nu (Iowa State University) chapter and the Iowa State University chapter of Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity work on a homecoming service project to create a mile of pennies.

Delta Nu Chapter Member and Child at Easter Seal Service Project Photograph, c. 1981

An unidentified Delta Nu (Iowa State University) chapter member dressed as a bunny helps a young child find Easter eggs during a service project with the Easter Seals.

Elthea Turner and Group Around Piano at Convention Photograph, 1966

Elthea Snider Turner (Gamma, Northwestern University), 1966 Award of Achievement winner and composer of "Long Have I Cherished," poses at a piano with part of the convention choir following her concert at the 1966 National Convention in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Each woman is individually identified on page 23 of the fall 1966 issue of The Lyre, where this photograph is featured.

Life Loyal, Continued, Fall 2015

These pages list Alpha Chis who have joined the Life Loyal program between April 1 and June 30, 2015.

Past Grant Winners and Committee Members, Fall 2015

Past winners of housing grants and members of the grant committee are listed here.

Sorority Women Talk Trash Newspaper Clipping, May 15, 1992

This article discusses a recycling program started by Delta Nu (Iowa State University) chapter and includes a photograph of Seanra Askwith (Delta Nu, Iowa State University) with recyclable material.

The Alpha Chi Omega Foundation Report, Volume VIII, 1985-86

This report consists of an officer's report from the Foundation president, a summary of affirmative votes at each Board of Trustees meeting, a list of fellowship and scholarship recipients, and financial reports.

The Convention Transcript of Alpha Chi Omega, Vol. 17, No. 1, June 26, 1960

This convention newsletter provides articles about various convention events, as well as general interest articles regarding the new Fraternity headquarters and the death of Founder Nellie Gamble Childe (Alpha, DePauw University). The newsletter includes a number of photographs associated with the articles.