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Alpha Iota

Alpha Iota chapter was founded at University of Vermont in Burlington, Vermont on June 14, 1921.

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National Council Trophy, 1913-33

This National Council Trophy used to travel from awarded chapter to chapter every year. The traveling trophy was discontinued at the 1933 Grand Council meeting due to the "inability to award it on an equitable basis." It was awarded to the following chapters between 1913-33: Omicron (Baker University), Pi (University of California, Berkeley), Alpha (DePauw University), Tau (Brenau University), Phi (University of Kansas), Iota (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Zeta (New England Conservatory), Psi (The University of Oklahoma), Xi (University of Nebraska-Lincoln), Lambda (Syracuse University), Alpha Iota (University of Vermont), Mu (Simpson College), Beta Epsilon (Michigan State University), Alpha Zeta (Washington University in Saint Louis) and Alpha Beta (Purdue University).

The Alpha Iotagram, Winter 1991

This newsletter from Alpha Iota (University of Vermont) chapter includes articles about altruistic activities, chapter events and news from alumnae. The newsletter also includes several photographs of chapter members.

Thelma Belair to Alpha Chis Letter, March 1, 1947

Thelma Gardner Belair (Alpha Iota, University of Vermont) recounts the observations of Katrina Munn (Alpha Iota, University of Vermont) who visited the MacDowell Colony in the summer of 1946. Of particular interest is a list of artists who have occupied the Star Studio supported by Alpha Chi Omega.

Vital Data: Births, November 1948

Alpha Chi Omega members who have recently given birth are listed, often with their husband and new baby's names, by chapter.

Vital Data: In Memoriam, November 1948

Alpha Chi Omega members who have recently died are listed by chapter.

Vital Data: Marriages, November 1948

Alpha Chi Omega members who have recently gotten married are listed, along with their husbands, by chapter.