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Alpha chapter was founded at DePauw University in Greencastle, Indiana on October 15, 1885.

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Alpha Chapter House Postcard

Alpha Chapter Photograph, c. 1889

Alpha (DePauw University) chapter members pose together for a formal portrait. Four of the women are identified: Lillian Moore Cottingham (Alpha, DePauw University, upper right corner), Anna Allen Smith (Alpha, DePauw University, second row, left), Daisy Steele Wilson (Alpha, DePauw University, lower left corner) and Mary Janet Wilson (Alpha, DePauw University, lower right corner).

Alpha Chapter Photograph, c. 1895

Alpha (DePauw University) chapter members pose together for a formal portrait. Altah Devore Evans (Alpha, DePauw University) is identified as the woman second from the left in the back row.

Alpha Chapter Photograph, May 21, 1931

Alpha Chi Omega Carnation Banquet Program, July 9, 1955

This program includes a menu and a schedule of events. A number of handwritten notes addressed to the program's owner are included inside and on the back of the program.

Alpha Chi Omega Fraternity Second Soiree Musicale Program, October 20, 1887

Alpha Chi Omega Golden Jubilee Program, June 26, 1935

This program is for Homecoming Day of the 1935 National Convention, which took place at DePauw University where the Fraternity was founded. It includes a poem by Founder Olive Burnett Clark (Alpha, DePauw University), the words to the Toast and a program of the day's events.

Alpha Chi Omega State Luncheon Program, May 9, 1931

The program, which features a golf theme, includes a list of the day's events, a menu for the luncheon and a list of the committee chairmen.

Alpha Chi Omega Today, Spring 1997

This newsletter includes articles about the National Housing Corporation, TEAM Discovery weekends and alcohol programming.